Here are the how to make a wedding cake baking instructions, as well as, icing a wedding cake, stacking a wedding cake, and leveling a wedding cake. Photographs are very convenient - but when it comes to reliving that special moment, nothing does it like video. I intend to plug away at wedding videos, and to conitue working on movies, shorts, music video and all the things I really enjoy. Like I said, my day job pays well, so unless I'm making an average of $25 an hour on video I don't consider it worth the time or effort. But for those of you who are counting on weddings - try this: Stress video's ability record the emotion of the event.Market yourself with still photographers as a package in good with facilities, wedding planners and ministers/officients. Having started my Wedding Video business 2 years ago, I'm running it concurrently with my day job.

This tends to make your guests feel comfortable and feel like they are a part of the festivities! It may seem overwhelming not only to plan and coordinate all these details but to make sure all these details are captured for a lifetime of memories. Take the wedding trailer of Farnaz and Neema for example, which captures their gorgeous Persian wedding that took place in Atlanta, Ga. Don't miss the beautiful and elaborate Persian wedding traditions, ceremonies, and decor details throughout.

Of course, the bride and groom will be the main focus (OK, let's face it - the bride will be the main focus!) but don't forget to include photos and videos of your guests celebrating too! Once you've uploaded your photos and videos and selected the Wedding Bliss" theme, you'll want to choose a song that captures the essence of your wedding. With albums, you can create an entire collection of movies showcasing everything from the engagement party to wedding planning, the bridal shower, the bachelor and bachelorette parties (if you dare!), wedding prep the morning of, the honeymoon and more.

Upload images and video to your Facebook Wedding Page is the same as uploading images and video to your personal profile. While Facebook will allow you and other administrators to tag friends from a personal account, non-administrator fans are unable to upload pictures or videos to the photo gallery. Now, there are probably 1,000 wedding etiquette books that say you should by no means whatsoever rely on the internet to get an accurate ceremony guest list.

Don't dress yourself in head-to-toe American Apparel spandex (unless that's something you always do, in which case keep on rockin') just because you're hoping the company will retweet your video. Your smartphone's camera is fine in a pinch, but you'll knock it out of the park with a decent video camera and a lapel mic — or, better yet, a pro behind the lens. Release the video early in the workweek, when people are more likely to be scanning the web for ways to procrastinate. Whether you're proposing via a movie trailer at a local cinema or pulling off a vehicular lip-dub , everything needs to be perfectly planned, timed and choreographed.

REWARD: You will have an amazing piece of art in which you are the star, your friends and family will be in ‘aw' of your amazing video. BRIDAL TIP: Do your research, if you have this sort of a budget for video then your videographer might not be local. Follow wedding blogs and find the style of a videographer that you like best and track them down. Dear reader, if you are looking for a good Blu-ray burner, I would suggest you Leawo Blu-ray Creator As a professional Blu-ray/DVD burner, it can help you to create disc as well as edit them easily. Also, it offers various themed templates for you, including wedding themed templates. Bead making has been a long time occupation and trade for many Nigerian households who make beads for Wedding Storytelling sale.